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Freeware since Jun 2018

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This evaluation program provides a simple way to evaluate the questionnaires of the SCL90R and the ADHS. It provides graphical representation of the results(like: global values(GS, GSI, PST, PSDI),T-Value Transformation of the average scores) and archiving of those in PDF documents.
Each PDF contains the following results:
  • sum of each scale (Sn)
  • average score of each scale (Gn)
  • transfer of the calculated values to ms-excel
  • globale values (GS, GSI, PST, PSDI)
  • T-Value (Transformation of the average scores to T-Values)
  • Spearman-Rank-Correlation
  • percentage share of the given answers (0; 1; 2; 3; 4) including the share of the 'c data'.
compatible with: WindowsXP Windows7 Windows8 Windows10

This video shows how to transfer the results into an ms-excel-mappe(this video doesn't have a sound).

This video shows how easy it is,to get the results, graphically display and digital pdf archiving

results and graphical representation
from a fictional patient, available as pdf document, as it is available from this program.

graphical representation
of seven fictional measurments, available as pdf document, as it is available from this program.

This video shows how to take in, the questionnaires of the SCL90R.

Features of this application:
  • Patient-Mode wich is choosable, that means: like the paper questionnaires, this mode offer just one possibility to change an answer.
  • calculate scalevalues S1 - S9 and specialitem S10
  • calculate subscale scores, S1 - S9, with consideration of 'Missing Data'
  • calculation of Global Values: GS, GSI, PST, PSDI
  • percentage distribution for answeroptionen 0 - 4 and 99, as option for no answer
  • T-Value Transformation, with consideration of education and gender
  • graphical representation , Average-Scores to Scale (Y-Axis/X-Axis)
    up to 7 graphs in the same diagram
  • graphical representation, T-Scores to Scale (Y-Axis/X-Axis)
    up to 7 graphs in the same diagram
  • results are available inside a pdf-document
  • calculate of Spearman Rank Correlation, optional with or without ties,
    with or without Scaleaverage (every 'Missing Data' get his Scaleaverage)
  • export the results into an Ms-Excel-Sheet

Features of the ADHS(ADS):
  • Inverting the values: 4, 8, 12, 16
  • Sum of the items of the answers, with and without inversion
  • Result of the lie detector
  • Digital archiving of the results in PDF documents

Multiuser Application:
Multi-User-Application can be sent on request to: markus[at]
Two versions are available. With the exception of a form, however, there are no differences for the user, even in this one very few.
  • Variant 1) uses an Access database as a backend and expects a network drive. The Access database will be stored there.
    The drive letter does not matter, even if it is different from client to client.
  • Variant 2) uses MsSQL server database files as backend.
    (Minimum requirements for rights 'db_owner')

Freeware since Jun 2018

Download ADHS and SCL-90-R (Freeware since Jun 2018)

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